jueves, 29 de noviembre de 2012

Bollhoff, Internet and new technologies

Bollhoff, at http://www.bollhoff.es, is an Strategic partner for innovative industries of Spain and Portugal, and it has an important presence in the net.

Bollhoff, sa, as Böllhoff Group company, specializes in designing, manufacturing and marketing techniques and fasteners, and leading products that are identified as market benchmarks, such as our RIVKLE ® blind rivet nuts, rivets our RIVQUICK ® nail, HELICOIL ® thread inserts, threaded inserts for plastics AMTEC ®, our Tacking RIVKLE ® blind rivet nuts, rivet for rivet nail RIVQUICK ®, their Self-piercing riveting equipment RIVSET ® and our teams to clinching RIVCLINCH ®.

A bit of History

With 130 years of experience in product quality at the service of its customers, a turnover of 430 million euros, presence worldwide, managing more than 100,000 references, Bollhoff Group is best able to meet their needs fixing.

Bollhoff has an interesting tab about services, called servicios in Spanish, where they show the visitor all the features and possibilities that anyone can develop through their website.

Process optimization techniques and fasteners

The ability to innovate and technical potential are becoming very important and essential aspects to succeed in an increasingly competitive environment.

With their engineering services, they face the challenge of producing faster, at lower prices and more efficient, but while ensuring the best quality.

More info at Bollhoff Spain

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